Use PDF2Speech to:

  • Deliver faster the desired information into audio.
  • Communicate with people with vision and speech problems, eye conditions or other health impairments.
  • Provide information in audio format
  • Improve your presentation skills - Everyone is feeling a bit nervous to read in front of a public and often make reading mistakes. With our free online service you will never feel intimidated of your reading skills again!
  • Improve your reading skills

Right Word Pronunciation

Not sure how to pronounce a word in English? PDF to Speech will convert your PDF text file into clear audible English!

Save you time

You don't need to read your text. will do it for you!

Choose your voice

If you are writing to a target group where most of the members are women it is better to use the "Woman Voice" so your target group will embrace more easily the information you are trying to transmit.

Smarter PDF to Speech conversion.

PDF to Speech conversion engine intelligently detects the written words in the document and uses smart technology to create a new, audible speech version.

Faster and easier converting

Converting files directly from internet is faster and more convenient than desktop services. With PDF2Speech, convert everything from a few text lines to entire PDF documents - just with a single click.

Protect private information

The whole conversion process is securely handled and delivered to the user in a safe manner. don't upload user sensitive files on the web. All files are deleted after conversion from our servers.

Fast, Accurate PDF to Speech Conversions

Our online service performs fast and accurate conversions to Speech and MP3 file with high audio quality. Maximum speech quality is ensured!